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SEO Bundaberg

Are you looking for SEO Bundaberg specialists to optimise your website for local SEO so your business can be found by your target market?

Local SEO depends on several factors. Some factors boost your rankings, while others will drag you down. Don't try to imitate your competitors, be different, promote your brand but don't over do it. Make sure your contact details remain up to date at all times. Upgrading your website’s SEO can be tedious and time consuming, so you may want to get an expert to do it for you. At the very least you can be assured that the job gets done correctly.

When you have a strong presence online, you can get more visitors to your website. The next challenge is to convert them into customers and SEOwidebay has the necessary skills and knowledge to increase your conversion rates as well.

Remember that every day, your competitors are working hard to out do you, even online. Don’t underestimate the power of local SEO. Contact us today and we will help you stay ahead of the competition.

SEO Hervey Bay

Having a website is great, but it’s not so great when you’re listed on the 10th page of the search results. Who even bothers to check out the tenth page anyway? Most people put a lot of importance on the first page results. This is especially true for Google, which people trust to bring them the most relevant results.

So what you need is a way to get to that first page. You need a listing on Google, which is just as important now as being listed on a telephone yellow pages directory was for the previous generation of small business owners.

Upgrading your website’s SEO can be tedious and time consuming, so you may want to get an expert to do it for you. At the very least you can be assured that the job gets done correctly.

SEO Maryborough

Hello to all you heritage city people. If your website isn't ranking where you want it to in Google and it requires some SEO love contact us. Let us have a look at your site and we will give you advise that is affordable and based on sound knowledge.

Search Engine Optimisation Wide Bay

SEO is an integral part of business operations these days. Consumers use search engines like Google to get the information they need. They use it to find products and read reviews. People use it to find places with the best prices, or business that is located nearby. When local people use Google to look for products or services you sell or offer, your site needs to be ranking high in Google not just on the first page of the search results. Ranking number one for highly prized search terms is where you want your site to be. That’s local SEO, and that’s where we come in.

Local, Local, Local

Google is making big changes to searches for local service businesses, like electricians and hairdressers. If your business operates in a certain geographical area, making it to the top when local people are searching is vital.

We are watching Google’s changes closely and are ready to take advantage of this new landscape. It looks like Google will list local Ads first, and then only three businesses will be obvious in the top rankings of SERPs. You can imagine how much competition there will be for those three places.

So many aspects of your website, both large and small will influence your ranking. There are the big picture issues, but like other aspects of business, that final 3% can make all the difference. Search engine bots are thorough, and robotic, so they can crawl your site for a great many signals.

Broadly speaking, they are looking for two things: 1. Making sure users are given a positive, relevant search experience. Google is even using the word ‘pre-qualify’ which is more about the business than its web page, but if pre-qualification becomes a key to a top ranking, we’ll help with that too.
2. Finding results which will make Google look good in the eyes of its users and further its business model (it’s a business after all).

These translate into the bots looking for both the presence and the absence of a great many features of your site. This is where everything matters - the latest information, timing, the important features and the smallest details.

You Get What You Pay For

• The Low-Cost Promise

You might know people who will promise great SEO at rock bottom prices. At first, it seems a good deal. The person might look geeky and everything happens at lightning speed with a few clicks. That’s got to be someone who knows their SEO, right?

Not necessarily. SEO takes time and has to be done properly. You’ve seen westerns - the good guys aren’t the ones in the black hats. There are black hat SEO techniques that are fast and look effective, but Google sees itself as a 24/7 Sheriff and it comes down hard on any ‘baddies’ trying to get some quick, easy SEO.

• SEO That Lasts

Squeaky clean, white hat SEO will let you sleep at night while your website climbs up the rankings. SEO takes time, because SEO is about quality and engagement with your business readers.

With websites, it’s not a matter of ‘Build it and they will come.’ A new website can remain completely unknown and unloved. Visits from qualified customers take time and effort to attract.

We are a small business too, so we know how important it is to keep control of the bottom line. The reality of SEO is that only a thorough job will tick all the boxes that the bots are looking for. Cheap SEO can’t work because visitors are attracted to your site by valuable content which doesn’t come cheaply. Search engines are convinced of your site’s quality when it sends smart, genuine signals to the crawlers, when your site is well built and contains relevant, quality content.

You’ll see how the raw materials of SEO require some investment:

  • time
  • value for site visitors - well written articles, quality content and attractive offers
  • quality links based on real relationships
  • attention to detail in all aspects of your site.

•It’s Not Just About Numbers

Quantity of visitors, numbers of clicks, are not the whole story. To make sales, another important Q is Quality of visitors. You want the eyes and the hearts of visitors who are pre-qualified as customers. If they are genuinely looking for what you have to offer them, the rest will fall into place. This is what a targeted website with good SEO will deliver.

Cheap SEO will not attempt to provide this level of mentoring for your site - it can’t do it at the price.

•More About Quality

Businesses have been told to publish content regularly. That can translate into pressure to produce an article every week or even every day. How many business owners feel permanently stressed by the need to provide content? A cheap SEO service will have to leave the provision of content to you, or source cheap articles itself. It won’t have the funds to do otherwise.

It might even give the business owner another headache - could the articles going out in their name be ‘cut and paste jobs’ which will lead to trouble? So Quality matters here too, and quality is the way to impress Google.

•Why Quality Content is King

  • People love informative, helpful or entertaining content and they will engage if it provides value for them.
  • It demonstrates your expertise and boosts your credibility.
  • It builds familiarity, trust and credibility for the brand.
  • The better the relationship and the engagement, the more likely it is to lead to business.
  • It brings visitors back because it often takes many engagements to reach the point of a sale.

Cheap content is unlikely to achieve any of these outcomes.

•Low Priced SEO is Time-Poor

We’ve looked around the web and found plenty of sites where the SEO falls down. We take the time that SEO requires. Have you thought about all of the issues involved? Here are just a few of them:

  • Speed of loading your site
  • Make best use of Google’s Keyword Tool
  • Optimal length for title and descriptions
  • Less can be more when it comes to keyword density
  • Broken links, internal links, realistic links - not all links are created equal
  • Effective bundling with Social Media. SEO is not an island
  • A promotion plan
  • A publishing plan
  • Avoiding penalties
  • Verification, registration and authority

Google, gotta love it

How good is Google - a free tool to bring clients to your business. If only it was that easy.

With good SEO, it can become that easy. It’s our job to look after the SEO, so you can deliver the goods and services that your customers want.